Welcome to Pad Thai, Sawadee !

A Few Words From The Chefs

Thai spiciness is in a class of its own. Foods are created with
staple ingredients such as dry roasted chili and fresh chili. 

In choosing a level of spiciness,  we encourage you to be adventurous!
But please, don't overestimate yourself...or your tongue!

In order to ensure that our guests enjoy  their experience
with the taste of Thailand, we have included an explanation of
the levels of spiciness used here at Pad Thai:

Not Spicy
This is not a translation for 'bland.'
On the contrary, even without any additional spiciness,

you will still savor the unique taste of Thai food.
And if you would like a pinch of spiciness,
we offer condiments that you can add on your own.

For beginners who would like to give it a try and those who are
accustomed to Thai spiciness.

This does not mean 'a little here, a little there.' It's very spicy, but an
alternative for those who want to advance from the "mild" or
are not yet ready for the 'hot.'

We mean it! Be prepared for the tears.
Suggested only for pros or the truly daring.

Of course, each individual will have a different response
to the levels of spiciness, but this is just a guide to
help you enjoy and savor the rich and unique taste of Thailand.

Don't forget to indicate the degree of spiciness when you place your order.

Enjoy your meal !