Vegetarian Curry $11.95
Entrees are served with white rice.
Vegetables may vary according to season and availability.

1 Gaeng Som Puck $11.95
Mixed vegetables cooked in a traditional Thai sour curry soup
2 Gaeng Panang Tau Hoo Hed Sod $11.95
Fresh tofu and mushrooms cooked in panang curry sauce
3 Gaeng Pa Puck (Country Curry) $11.95
Mixed vegetables cooked in chili curry soup
4 Gaeng Daeng Hed Sod Ma Kur Thai $11.95
Fresh mushrooms and Thai eggplant cooked in red curry with coconut milk
5 Pad Ga Ree Tau Hoo Sod $11.95
Steamed or fried tofu cooked in a light yellow curry sauce
6 Gaeng Keow Whan Hed Sod Tau Hoo $11.95
Fresh mushrooms and tofu cooked in spicy Thai green curry
7 Pad Ga Ree Puck Ruam Mit $11.95
Fresh mushrooms, carrots, string beans and tofu stir fried in a yellow curry sauce
8 Pad Panang Tau Hoo $11.95
Your choice of steamed or fried tofu sauteed in a panang curry sauce with lime leaves
9 Pad Tau Hoo Tod Prig King $11.95
Crispy fried tofu stir fried in a prig king chili paste
10 Vegetable Gaeng Massaman $11.95
Broiled potatoes, pumpkin, tofu, onions and mushrooms cooked in a massaman curry sauce with roasted peanuts
11 Gaeng Khua Supparot $11.95
Yam, tofu, carrot, corn, chopped pineapple, mushroom cooked in a khua curry paste