Thai Curry $11.95
Entrees are served with white rice.
Add $1.00 for white meat chicken.

1 Gaeng Daeng $11.95
  Choice of meat in red curry with bamboo shoots and coconut milk
2 Gaeng Keow Whan $11.95
  Sweet and spicy green curry with choice of meat, bamboo shoots and coconut milk
3 Gaeng Ga Ree $11.95
  Yellow curry with sauteed onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes and your choice of meat
4 Panang $11.95
  Choice of meat in sweet and spicy panang curry with string beans, lightly topped with coconut milk
5 Gaeng Som Ga-Ti $11.95
  Sour curry soup cooked with tamarind, mixed vegetables choice of meat and coconut milk
6 Gaeng Pa $11.95
  Choice of meat in country curry soup with mixed vegetables, fresh chili paste, basil and lime leaves
7 Gaeng Massaman $11.95
  A Thai classic - broiled potatoes, onions and mushrooms sauteed with peanuts and choice of meat in massaman curry
8 Gaeng Khua Supparot $11.95
  Choice of meat and crushed pineapple cooked in khua curry paste
9 Gaeng Khua Goong $11.95
  Small shrimp cooked in chilli paste and coconut milk with crushed pineapple