PadThai Classic
Entrees are served with white rice.
Add $1.00 for white meat chicken.

1 Pad Ped Prig Tai Ond $11.95
Young peppercorn and choice of meat sauteed in chili paste with lime
leaves and fresh chili
2 Pad Ruam Mit $11.95
A unique Pad Thai creation - a stir fry medley of mushrooms, fresh chili peppers, chinese broccoli, calamari, chicken and shrimp served in a tangy seasoning sauce
3 Pad Prig Sod Ma Kur $11.95
Choice of meat sauteed with eggplant, fresh chili, sweet basil and onions
4 Pad King Sod $11.95
Fresh ginger sauteed with choice of meat, onions, mushrooms and fresh chili
5 Moo Whan $1195
Slices of marinated pork cooked in a sweet sauce with onions
6 Pad Ga Prow $11.95
A Thai favorite - sweet basil, fresh chili, peppers and onions sauteed with your choice of meat
7 Kana Moo Tod $11.95
Chinese broccoli stir fried with crispy fried pork
8 Pad Preaw Whan $11.95.
Thai style sweet & sour with sauteed choice of meat, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions
9 Pad Pihrod $11.95
Bamboo shoots, onions and your choice of meat sauteed in a chili paste sauce
10 Moo Tod Ta Krai $11.95
Marinated pork sauteed in a garlic lemon grass sauce
11 Moo Tod Nam Daeng $11.95
Crispy fried pork sauteed in a chili wine sauce
12 Pad Wun Sen $11.95
Light and delicious - thin silver noodles stir fried with chicken, shrimp, mixed vegetables, dried mushrooms and egg
13 Pad Med Mamung $11.95
Choice of meat stir fried with cashew nuts, peppers and onions in a tangy seasoning sauce
14 Tod Kratiem Prig Tai $11.95
Choice of marinated meat sauteed with garlic and black pepper
15 Thai Sa-Te $11.95
Choice of barbecued meat sauteed in a thick and savory peanut sauce
16 Pad Prig Sod $11.95
Choice of meat stir fried with fresh chili and onions in a spicy seasoning sauce
17 Pad Nam Mun Hoy $11.95
Choice of marinated meat sauteed in oyster sauce
18 Pad Prig King $11.95
Choice of meat sauteed in spicy curry sauce
19 Pad Tua Ngorg Moo Tod $11.95
Bean sprouts and crispy fried pork stir fried in a light bean sauce